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Security Councils

Build, Expand, Destroy, Secure.

Designed by Daniel Chou | Art by Brandon Borgman. Colors by Cassandra Sychta | Formerly known as Security Council

After the final great war, the remnants of humanity will need to once again turn on the rusty gears of war: forge firearms in factories and rearm nukes from abandoned silos. Control this scorched world, its resources, and drive back the savages to create a new secure world for your followers!

2-6 Players | Ages 10 & Up | 1-3 hours

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Overview of Security Councils and what gamers say about it!

  • Prototype Review
    "There's a world building mechanic at the very beginning... so every game going forward is going to be different."
  • Prototype Review
    "And you know what? I'm going to wreck Ian's food lanes. This is devolving! This is exactly what would happen to humanity!"
  • Unboxing and components

    Watch us unbox the first edition with its crowdfunded compenents!


No necessary miniatures or expansions. 270 cubes, 54 game cards, 36 game tiles, 30 factory tokens, 12 nuclear missile tokens, 1 six sided die.

card examples

Build nukes, feed and arm your warriors, and surprise others with reinforcements!

54 game cards
tile examples

Claim four different type of territories on a unique board you build every game!

36 game tiles


ACROSS THE BOARD GAMES "The creators of Security Councils focused on making a war game that even the most casual players can pick up and play and to that effect it is successful. The game gives players a casual experience in the realm of war games and territory control without the burden of a lot of decisions and rules. Oh and nuking your friends is a LOT of fun." Article -

INDIETABLETOP "Fans of risk will enjoy the experience with Security Councils as it promises strategy, balance, and total annihilation... I do have to commend Daniel Chou on developing a tactical modular board game. It has balanced mechanics and flows from beginning to end with no hiccups." Article -

JUST GOT PLAYED "The very idea that you can launch a nuclear weapon from the far side of the board over to the other side to be able to wipe out seven hexes full of troops, I really love that idea!" Video -

FAILROAD EXPRESS "I liked that there is the diplomacy aspect but it's still competitive in nature. There's only one winner but like you can set up the board dynamically, it changes every time." Video -

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