Their trash. Your treasure.

Designed by Daniel Chou | Art by Henry Hammond

Sprout paws and scavenge through the neighborhood's glorious garbage! Snag your own scratcher, fine salad, or colossal cheeseburger. But don't get carried away. You might cause a commotion and go scurrying! Packed with family fun, Scavenge is the all-ages travel game where it's fun to press your luck!

2-5 Players | Ages 6 & Up | 10-15 minutes

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Overview of Scavenge and what reviewer Logan Chops has to say about it!


Made for on-the-go gaming sessions in the car, at the restaurant, and at grandma's house!

Rumage through trash for tasty treasures, pesky pests, or scary sounds!

72 game cards

Curious creatures adorn the cards to bring a cartoon raccoon fantasy to life!

16 beautiful water-colored illustrations


  • Nonstop Tabletop
    "Our family couldn't love this game more! We love playing press your luck games. There are always surprises that induce crazy amounts of laughter."
  • Go Fatherhood
    "We’ve quickly become fans of this fun and easy game and I recommend it for families. It’s amusing and helps kids learn the balance between being too aggressive and being too conservative in a game of change."
  • Everything Board Games
    "Gameplay is quick, light-hearted fun; it's a good game to take to a restaurant or doctor's office to fill the time. It's a little addictive—we often played three or four or five games in a row!"
  • Settler of the Boards
    "It's a nifty little card game that I would highly recommend to push your luck lovers, new gamers, and families above all. If you get the chance to try it out - don't pass it by!"
  • Wooden Shoe Games
    "I liked that some cards made you end your turn and other cards could make you end your turn and discard the cards you had picked up. I liked this game a lot, I’d pull it out of the garbage!"
  • Gamer Leaf
    "The leaf rating I would give it? Over 1,000. One of my top ten!" -Medium Sized Gamer Leaf"The leaf rating I would give it? Over 1,000. One of my top ten!"

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Play Scavenge free online through >>

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