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Mini Space Rogue

Answer the frontier’s call!

Designed by Daniel Chou | Game art by ae1996 and cover art by Norma2D

Strike it big by answering the frontier’s call! With space pirates swarming, you see the perfect opportunity to make a name for yourself. Rocket toward adventure! Explore a new star system filled with salvage, missions, technology, and pirate blasting! Your friends can eat your stardust when steal all the glory in this grand galactic adventure!

2-4 Players | Ages 12 & Up | 60 minutes

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Gen Con '19 convention

Mini Space Rogue is a competitive exploration and looting game with a modular board and spaceships. It includes dice rolling, pick up and deliver, grid movement, hand management, modular board, exploration, variable player powers, and worker placement.

Buy diverse loot, but find it hiding out there, too, and unlock new powers for your ship. Compete with other players for the shiniest ship and the longest list of the most fantastic feats. Discover new places and take your crew on a voyage through warp gates, black holes, and even board other ships and cause a ruckus!

The goal of the game is to earn the most Glory Points. The game ends when one player has achieved the goal number of points.


280 tokens, 128 cards, 72 tiles, 12 mats, 10 dice, 4 ships, 1 captain token, 1 manual.

Ship tracking tarots

Choose your cruiser and scour the star system for glittering prizes!

4 different space-faring races
space tiles

Explore a beautiful, randomly-generated star system with risk and reward!

52 space tiles

Captain cards
Planet missions
Cargo cards
Acrylic ship pawns

Progress Updates

Mini Space Rogue made it to the big time at the Gen Con 2019 First Exposure Playtest Hall with rave reviews. In development since 2016, MSR entered first edition June 2024! 

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For more fantastic pixel art...

Artist Norma2D created our fantastic cover art and UK-based artist ae1996 created our card art. At time of posting, his online presence was currently on haitus.