Merchants of Medieval Europe

Rags to riches, one crate at a time

Designed by Alex Fiks and Daniel Chou | Art by Henry Hammond

Gamble your family’s coin in search of emerging riches! Buy and sell goods at the whim of a wild market that will keep you guessing and laughing with wonder! Will you make your fortune on one big deal or diversify your goods and strike smartly?

2-6 Players | Ages 12 & Up | 60 Minutes

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Below, hear from the designer about our game. Featuring the vintage prototype version.

Back of the box (left).  Download our game manual (right).


180 good crate cards, 150 coin tokens, 6 Pawns, 6 quarter mats, 54 poker cards, 8 colored discs.

Load your cart with 8 different types of historical goods!

180 good cards

Recruit more horses to carry more goods and travel faster!

6 player mats

Progress Updates

We're so happy we received the final test print copy in July, 2018! We made some minor color corrections and added some new quality-of-life improvements in the manual and board. Merchants is now officially completed!

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Thanks to...

Merrill-Travis RA Staff, East Campus Suites RA Staff, Protospiel, many local gaming conventions, and all our friends and family that have playtested Merchants into existence over the years!