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Office of Admissions

Dan Chou - Interim Director

The Office of Admissions provides our prospective students with the following services:

  • Reviews Admission Applications
  • Maintains C!U Facebook page
  • Campus tours
  • Transfer credit counseling
  • Cost estimator
  • Scholoarship assessment potential
  • Color House Sorting

In partnership with the Office of Academic Advising, prospective and current students can take an exhaustive assessment which will help them determine which School is right for them. Please visit their office to take this assessment.

The Application Process

The CHOU! University Office of Admissions is currently accepting applications from students meeting these qualifications:

  • is or has experienced a higher education institution
  • has friends
  • loves to learn and have fun

Step 1. Visit the Office of Academic Advising and take an exhaustive assessment which will help you determine which School is right for you.

Step 2. Take the Tuition Cost Calculator & Scholarship Estimator. You may be eligible for financial aid!

Step 3. Complete the actual application!


After submitting your application, the Office of Admissions will review your materials and decide whether to admit you. You will then receive a letter of acceptence, wait-listed, or unfortunate rejection.

Due to classroom sizes and faculty availability, not everyone can be accepted. Although, we do hope this does not discourage you from indicating your interest in becoming a student at C!U.

There are no application fees, tuition, or student fees at CHOU! University. Part of that may be because our classes are so irregular, and the fact that we are not a "real" school.

student Assistance

Students with questions about the application process, setting up as a new student, or other general questions can contact us on Facebook.


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