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Ongoing Classes

This academic year, we are proud to announce the following courses available to CHOU! University students.

AGRISchool of Agriculture

    AGRI 101 Study of Video Game Plant Life - Students will demonstrate the ability to grow and use carnivorous plants in a defensive manner in a castle. Students will also learn how to use a fungus to take over the world. Ongoing breeding study in making plants resistant to fire. Take this class now

    AGRI 102 Advanced Study of Video Game Plant Life - Students will demonstrate advanced planting techniques for defending points of interest. Students are already expected to know how to plant protective plants, how those plants react to zombies, and the importance of Dave's Magic Taco. Take this class now


AMLSSchool of Animals

    AMLS 101 Introduction to Cryptozoology - Students are introduced to the field of cryptozoology through a open-source text book. Take this class now


XMASSchool of Christmas Studies

    XMAS 101 Introduction to Symbols and Traditions - Students will learn about the basic symbols and traditions of a holiday they thought they knew, Christmas. Class Materials Forthcoming!

    XMAS 111 US Colonial and Pagan Histories - Students will look into the evolution of the American Christmas.  They will find out where traditions originated and why. Class Materials Forthcoming!

    XMAS 140 Beginning Christmas Literature - Students will conduct a fundamental analysis of children’s Christmas literature including finding the meaning of Christmas in unexpected places, such as in retellings of 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Of Mice and Men'. Class Materials Forthcoming!

    XMAS 201 Gift Giving and Wrapping - Students will learn an overview of the gift-giving culture of Christmas with practical instruction on gift wrapping. Take this class now

    XMAS 209 American Philanthropy - Students will explore the season of giving in the classroom and through a seasonal lab component.  They will learn and experience the art of giving back. Take this class now

    XMAS 213 Intro To Greeting Cards - Students will learn why greeting cards are such an essential aspect to 'Christmas Cheer'.  They will wonder no longer by registering for this class!  Seriously, stop wondering and just send Christmas cards! Take this class now

    XMAS 411 Santa Claus Vocational Training - Students will engage in deeper and more active learning regarding a key character of Christmas, Santa Claus, and be prepared to serve in a vocational role this upcoming holiday season. Take this class now.


FOODSchool of Culinary Arts

    FOOD 101 Slicing Fruit - Students will learn the basics of effective fruit slicing and how dangerous it is to keep bombs in the kitchen. Take this class now

    FOOD 111 Kitchen Preparation Basics - Students will learn the basics of kitchen prep, including slicing, dicing, and mincing. Take this class now


FOODSchool of Computer Science

    COSI 101 Create a Website - Students will create a website learning five common HTML elements and introduce themselves to CSS. Take this class now

    COSI 102 HTML and CSS - Students will learn how to code a website for their very own delving deeper into coding languages. Take this class now

    COSI 103 Javascript - Students will learn the fundamentals of the core programming language for the web. Take this class now


ETNOSchool of Ethnography

    ETNO 101 General History of Hyrule - Students will learn the timeline of the Heroes within the context of the Legend of Zelda video game universe by Nintendo LTD. Briefly cover the eras and what each hero did for that particular era. Step into the shoes of all those who use the power of evil. Lastly, learn the melodies that aided our Heroes. Take this class now

    ETNO 102 Pokemon Identification - Students will learn the basic knowledge of the Pokemon universe: all the names of all pokemon. In addition, students will be able to identify them. Take this class now

    ETNO 103 Japanese Mythology of Okami - Students will learn of warriors and tales of feudal era Japan through the popular video game, Okami. Take this class now


FISHSchool of FISH (General Studies)

    FISH 101 CHOU U! and You - Students will learn about CHOU! U, how to be a successful student at our fine institution, and to be a proud Fighting Lasagna! Take this class now

    FISH 102 Introduction to Screen Printing - Students will see industry professionals performing their craft and understand what goes into the creation of a screen printed shirt. Students will also read text from a professional. Take this class now

    FISH 103 Introduction to Oenology - Students will learn the basics of the wine craft such as different types and the professional process. Class Materials Forthcoming!

    FISH 320 Everything About Physics Independent Study - Students will gain access to three levels of physics education. Thanks to the university Caltech, the Feynman Lectures Website is pleased to present the online edition of The Feynman Lectures on Physics. Take this class now


LANGSchool of Foreign Languages

    LANG 101 Introduction to Sarcasm - Students will learn the basic structure and acceptable use of sarcasm in daily conversation. This class touches on sarcasm only within the English Language. Take this class now


GDSNSchool of Game Design

    GDSN 201 Creating a Board Game
    Students will learn how to create a physical board game at home. Class Materials Forthcoming!

    GDSN 202 Creating a Video Game
    Students will learn how to create a video game with free online tools. Take this class now

    GDSN 203 Creating an Improv Game
    Students will learn how to create an improvised game with no actual game materials. Take this class now


LITMSchool of Leadership

    LEAD 401 Student Leadership Resources Independent Study- Student leaders are given access to a large collection of leadership documents. Take this class now

    LEAD 402 Advisor Resources Independent Study - Advisors are given access to a large collection of advising documents. Take this class now


LITMSchool of Literature and Media

    LITM 101 Fan Fiction Editing - Students will become familiar with the style of fan fiction literature and common errors to watch for when writing their own. Take this class now

    LITM 102 Fan Fiction Familiarity - Students will become familiar with the largest fan fiction resource on the web and about different types of fanfiction. Take this class now


MPROSchool of Media Productions

    MPRO 375 Podcasting -Students will experience quality examples of the digital medium known as podcasting and be confident to reproduce an original piece. Take this class now


MEDISchool of Medicine

    MEDI 101 Heart Surgery - Learn to speedily and accurately perform a virtual heart transplant. Emphasis on the heart only. Take this class now

    MEDI 411 Hospital Management Internship - Students will learn how to manage a virtual hospital and save hundreds of lives with the latest medical technology from 1997. Take this class now


PHARSchool of Pharmacy

    PHAR 101 Pills and Other Cures - Students will hone their skills in the video game Dr. Mario and save virtual lives with virtual pills. Take this class now

    PHAR 411 Pharmacy Internship - Students will be given complete responsibility over a virtual pharmacy and must fill orders as quickly as they can. Take this class now


POLSSchool of Political Science

    POLS 201 The Art and Science of Warmongering - A Civ V perspective - How to best infiltrate and remove persons of opposing political views from power. Take this class now

    POLS 344 Living International Nuclear Politics - Discover your role in a nuclear scenario where you and your friends are a Security Council that must either settle in peace or in irradiated pieces. Find out when this class is meeting next


WELSSchool of Wellness

    WELS 101 Introduction to Tai Chi - Students will learn about all the basics principles of Tai Chi, such as balance, posture, breathing, and movement. Students will then follow an instructional video with friends. Take this class now

    WELS 102 Beginner Tai Chi - Students will watch and mimic Tai Chi videos for beginners who are already familiar with the basics principles of balance, posture, breathing, and movement. Take this class now

    WELS 105 Optimism and Mindfulness - Students will learn the values necessary to having a positive outlook in life. Take this class now

    WELS 110 Rhythmic Body Movement and Sound - Moving the body is an ancient art that some are more naturally inclined to excel at than others. Students will learn the basics of rhythmic body movements and the part sound plays. Take this class now

    WELS 115 Strengthening Long Distance Relationships - Students will learn how to navigate long distance relationships like maintaining them and managing realistic expectations. Take this class now

    WELS 120 Catching All of the Z's: Introduction to Napping - Students will learn how to read the complicated signals their body sends about energy needs and transform their environment into an area conducive for dozing, relaxing, and extensive lounging. Take this class now


DTSLEmma C. Mentley School of Detectiving and Sluethery

    DTSL 101 Detective Basics - Students will focus on the remedial skills for general detective work. Focus is on simplistic codes and writing letters and words. Also, basic detectiving and mystery solving. However, this course will not cover cornflakes and it strictly prohibits the sparing of horses. Take this class now

    DTSL 102 Criminal Detective History - Students will read the history of one of the field's greatest criminal detectives, Sherlock Holmes. Text books are provided for students leisure and study. Take this class now


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