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Faculty and Administrator Application

Teaching and Working at C!U

CHOU! University is currently accepting applications from aspiring Profs and college administrators meeting these qualifications:

  • Faculty
    • is or has attended college
    • knows something interesting
    • would like to share their knowledge
    • loves to teach and have fun
  • Administrator
    • has at least a Bachelors degree or commensurate experience
    • would think of this as their dream job
    • enjoys the collegiate environment

The Application Process

After submitting your application, C!U Office of Human Resources will review your materials and decide whether to hire you. You will then receive a letter of hiring or unfortunate rejection.

There are no salaries, interviews, or actual reviewing processes at CHOU! University. Part of that may be because we'll hire almost anyone to superfluous positions, and the fact that we are not a "real" school.

become a professor

  • What does it take to be Faculty at CHOU! University? A Professor should have imagination. Imagine what students can achieve with just a little direction around the internet. A Professor will do well with creativity. How should you quiz students at the end of your materials and still craft a fun experience? Above all, a Professor must have passion for it will show in your course materials. No one likes to learn from a passionless hack.
  • C!U accepts educational, fun, and interactive course materials for classes. It is expected that proposals will have at least 3 materials / links educating students on the subject. In addition, at least 1 homework assignment in the form of some type of interactive work sheet, quiz, or activity that can assess a student's comprehension of the material.
  • These expectations are minimums and should be exceeded whenever the Prof is passionate about a subject.
  • Apply to be a Professor


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To apply, fill out the correct application.

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