Cards Attempt College

When the students are away, the admins will play!

Designed by Daniel Chou and Alex Fiks

It's impossible to prepare yourself for this hilarious party game for up to 10 of your higher ed colleagues featuring scenarios that only sound outrageous if you've never worked on a college campus!

3-10 Players | Ages 18 & Up | 30 minutes

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You work hard, so you should laugh hard. Cards Attempt Colleges is a party game for Higher Ed professionals. One player is the judge and plays a scenario card. Everyone else plays response cards to please the judge! Will you be funny, clever, or outrageous? That's up to you!

And yes, we're using the font Comic Sans. Did you know...? Comic Sans is one of the world's most legible fonts! Also, we're not taking ourselves seriously at all and hopefully you won't either when playing this game!

We're aiming to create a PG-13 experience, not too raunchy, too nasty, and definitely not intentionally offensive. We want a clever, cheeky, inside-joke game that you appreciate because of our design and planning, not in spite of it. We're higher ed pros like you! We don't think our home or workplaces have any room for racism, sexism, harassment, or uncomfortable laughs around the table when you're not sure what to say in response.


625 total cards breaking down into 106 Prompt cards and 519 Response cards.

Brainstormed by 2 Res Life Professionals...

We've been in both board games and higher ed for a bit now.

... and you! Over 150 community submisions!

Select submissions made it into the game!

Development History

4/25/21 We did it! Today you can download CAC for free or buy our professionally printed cards and start playing! We are thanking every person who submitted ideas (not just those whose prompts we chose) here on the website and on the side of the box. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey and I hope you have fun!

1/20/21 Wow, what a year 2020 was. We haven't said much about CAC, but we were plugging away and are better for it! We rebalanced the cards to make it a general higher ed experience and less Res Life specific. We also removed our favorite theorists (sorry Chickering, Schlossberg), they were just a little too nische. Face masks, Zoom, Tik-tok and other memes squirreled their way in and we hope they lead to new hilarious combos! Look for our ad in a 2021 issue of UMR-ACUHOs Perspectives magazine along with an updated free Print-and-Play!

11/17/19 Tell us what to do now that we have all the cards! As playtesting continues, we need to think about the next step:
Next Step Poll

11/15/19 We have enough cards! Wow, what a whirlwind it has been since the Res Life profession collectively helped us create 625 cards! We are exploring all the production options that change the price drastically. We are discussing multiple release methods including a Print and Play so you can make it at home (no shipping, yay!) or a traditional release with factory printed cards. Look forward for one way or the other soon!

11/11/19 With the launch of this landing page, we are ready to begin creating this game! Get in on it by submitting your ideas for cards. We want to credit all authors and aren't sure yet which way to go (your name on the card, all contributing authors printed on the box back, include cards just printed with all authors names, etc), but we do know we're ready to ask for your help. It's hard to come up with 252 housing related prompts, nouns, and verbs so we'd love for you to join us in the creative process! Think of it: the first game created by the field and for the field!

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These people helped bring CAC to life...

Adam Neveau, AJ Place, AJC, Alex Fiks, Alli Griffith, Alycia Smith, Amy Greene, Anna Witte, Annlyn, Bernadette Sharpe, Brett Logan, Brian Conner, Brooke Merry, Carli Fink, Chris Faulkner, Chris Trautman, Col'Lette Gauvin, Colleen Bunn, D’andre Grant, David Sanchez, Emilie, Emily W, Fran Boshell, Hayley, Holly, Isaiah Thomas, Jae Jaeger, Jake, Jennifer, John Mitchell, John Mitchell Benton, John O’Connor, Jonathan Delgado, Josh Lemieux, Kat Roshong-Texidor, Katherine Isaacson, Kayla, Kim, Kristyn Muller, Kyle Wolfe, Lacey, Lauren Slemenda, Lindsay Pritchard, Lucas Fullenkamp, Maria Jones, Megan Chibanga, Mimi Dao, MK Tyler, Molly, Molly Frank, Paula Myatt, Ryan McCormick, Samantha Hebel, Sarah Segner, Shivany Trujillo, Tyler George.