Bureau of Time

Time Managers wanted! Apply today!

Designed by Daniel Chou and Alex Fiks

Our way of life is constantly in danger due to the use of essential time travel. But resourceful Time Managers like you save the day by traveling through the annals of time correcting the Anomalies that threaten chronological deterioration and dimensional collapse!

2-4 Players | Ages 12 & up | 20 minutes

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Congratulations and welcome to the team!
Since time travel’s discovery in 2235, its use has become an integral part of our society. Like any busy road, our timeline requires maintenance. Time Managers travel through our chronology and correct minor anomalies from heavy use. If left ignored, anomalies could theoretically collapse our dimension, but don’t lose any sleep over it. Instead, use this field manual to deploy our standard issued resources and tools. Barring any looming chronological catastrophe, this is an easy task. Good luck saving yesterday, tomorrow, and today!
The Bureau of Time

Bureau of Time takes place through 7 different time eras in need of fixing. Cooperate efficiently with your fellow agents and you'll save the day (that's an understatement)! This game is a casual set collection and action management game. However, while not complex, it can be difficult to win. Play if you like Pandemic and Forbidden Island.

Win: Players correct all anomalies on the timeline.

Lose: Players lose if any of the below conditions are met.
- A player can’t draw any cards at the beginning of their turn.
- All eras have deteriorated.

Turn Actions
  1. Move from one era to an adjacent era.
  2. Give any number of cards to one player in the same era as you.
  3. Take any number of cards from one player in the same era as you.
  4. Heal your current era if distressed.
  5. Play and then discard a Time Tool.
  6. Correct an anomaly in your current era.
  7. When on the Bureau Offices...
    • Discard 3 Time Resources to draw one card from the discard deck.
      Move the Bureau Offices to another position.


90 cards, 4 pawns, 1 spinner, 1 manual.

Tackle a variety of humorus historically inspired events with a twist!

12 anomoly cards

Use your standard-issued Time Tools and watch out for Time Flubs!

68 Time Tools, Solution Resources, and Time Flub cards

Progress Updates

Bureau of Time 3rd edition is released!

From 2018-2022 we returned for a second edition.

We've been developing Bureau of Time since 2015 with the first edition released in 2017.

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Thanks to...

Protospiel, many local gaming conventions, and all our friends and family that have playtested BOT into existence over the years!