Behind Closed Doors

Res Life training tool for supervisors

Designed by Alex Fiks and Daniel Chou
Proud sponsor of the UMR-ACUHO '20 Fall Experience

Add a little fun to your training! Now at over 150+ schools in the US and Canada! Behind Closed Doors the card game is designed to accompany the Resident Assistant position training. These cards reflect experiences from a multitude of institutions. The cards are fun and interesting for new and veteran staff alike because they draw out experiences that frame conversations for the supervisor to cover.

3-14 Players | Ages 18+ | 30-60 minutes | $24.99 MSRP

CHOU! Games is proud to work with the custom printing folks at The Game Crafter in Madison, Wisconsin. They print on-demand small-batch orders.
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Players choose to, as a team or individually, collect victory points by solving duty scenarios until they reach the point target. Designed by two Residence Life professionals, BCD is the low pressure discussion companion to your live-action scenarios. Use it before your live-action for a low-pressure primer, afterwards for further processing, or periodically during the year as a pick-up-and-go refresher.


90 cards, 1 manual.

Real life scenarios ranging from the mundane to the suprising!

73 scenario cards

Feed a competitive spirit by using the point ribbons and special powers!

17 gamification cards

The BCD Family of Tools


Kristi Hipp "Our staff loves this game; it got rave reviews from our team!" Medium Private Midwestern University

Jacquelyn Deneau "We received the product and are very happy with it. This product is so unique and it is designed perfectly for our training purposes. We are so glad you thought of this." Medium Public Northwest University

Kathryn Van Ness "My staff initially didn't want to play BCD during a staff meeting; they'd already gone through staff training and had at least 4 months on the job, after all. But after the first few scenarios, they really enjoyed themselves. The unexpected scenarios really made my staff think about what could happen in the hall and helped them flex their critical and creative thinking skills. Best of all, they were playing the game as a team and relied on each other! This is a great supplement to staff training!" Medium Public Midwestern University

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